Hunting Info

Your guide to what species are on offer around the South Island and what you'll need to know before you arrive

New Zealand offers many impressive species to hunt and spectacular scenery to hunt them in. We’re world-famous for impressive red deer stags and internationally recognised for the alpine hunting of tahr and chamois.

As well as hunting in areas with high numbers of quality game, you will be surrounded by some of the most impressive scenery and remote wilderness areas in the world. In the New Zealand backcountry, the scale and splendour of the scenery amplifies any hunting experience.

What we hunt

We specialise in hunting the following animals:

See more about the species we can hunt on the South Island.

Hunting Packages

We have a range of Hunting Safari Packages available to suit your timeframe and budgets.

Firearms and Licences

Importing firearms is a relatively easy process in New Zealand. We can assist with firearms import and licencing. Find out more here, as well as info on expediting trophies to return home.

Gear and what to bring

Find out what you need to bring when hunting in New Zealand here.